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Fellowships for the Green Week 2016 are available for students. See here for a brochure in italian The initiative is aimed at visiting during a tour a series of green enterprises of the Veneto Region. The second part of the week is devoted to seminars on the green economy and technology that will be held […]

Project “Algae & CO2-capture at Savona Campus”: experimental phase n.2

EN3 students involved in the “Algae Project” started the experimental phase n.2 of their Feasibility Study for the development of a pilot facility to capture CO2 and produce biodiesel from algae at Savona-Campus. This experimental phase n.2 is devoted to 1) investigate the effects of low cost nutrients on the algae growth.  In particular the […]

CO2 sequestration

CO2 sequestration. Some pilot plants and nothing more: the old absorption process with mono- or di-ethanol-ammine . But describing these systems is called “clean coal” or “zero emissions”.  Really what is the link between “CO2 sequestration” and “clean coal”?  Hence comes a question: not that the problem of global warming is used to divert attention […]

Concordia disaster: guess the fuel and evaluate the risk

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Crude Oil (CRO), Diesel?  Some students of the EN3 M.Sc. tried to evaluate the risk due to the dispersion (water/air) of about 2400 tons of fuel contained in the Concordia Ship in case of release after the disaster.  They decided to use very simple dispersion equations … […]

Anti-pollution exercise

University of Genoa will take part to the anti-pollution exercise RAMOGE-HAVEN 2011 aimed at simulating an environmental emergency caused by accidental pollution. The exercise requires the simulation of marine pollution due to an explosion in the bow of a tanker approaching the Multedo Genoa Harbour carrying 15000 t of oil. To study the movements of […]

New Zealand maritime pollution

More than 350 t of heavy oil fuel was estimated to have leaked from the Rena ship, with authorities fearing that all 1.500 t on the vessel will be released if it breaks up and sinks. This disaster reminds us the analogous environmental disaster occurred on April 1991 in Italy, a few miles from our […]

Chem Med 2011

The countdown for CHEM-MED, The International Chemical Event has started. Just a few days to the 2011 edition, which opens its doors on Wednesday 5 October at fieramilanocity with more than250 exhibitors, taking up 18,000 square metres of exhibition area, and about 10,000 visiting professionals expected. During the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), CHEM-MED is […]

Monitoring enviromental pollution

Some years ago the industrial site of Stoppani (Cogoleto, Italy) was defined by the Italian Ministry of Environment a “polluted site of national interest”. The plant, producing sodium bi-chromate, chromic acid and chromium salts has been discharging wastes containing CrIII and CrVI in soil, water and sea. Since 2001 our students have been monitoring the […]