Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fees for new students are due in two different installments .

The first fee installment is about 500€ and it is fixed and applied to all students. The second fee installment  is variable according to the calculation of the student or student family income (ISEE scheme) and it is variable up to about 2200 euros.

Students can apply for a Scholarship provided by the ARSEL/ARSSU Institution and in such a way they can be supported for full covering the first fee installment.

The call and related form (“Bando di Concorso”) for Scholarship is available in this web page (in italian)

In addition  the University of Genoa offers the students many incentives (total and partial exemptions, profit and degree bonus, reductions) and also the opportunity to perform paid collaboration activities

For more information, visit (in Italian) or
contact the International Student Office (SASS)