How to apply

How to apply to the MSc Course in Energy Engineering:

Italian students:
Ammissione alle Lauree Magistrali

Foreign students: first please check at the Unige Foreign Student Portal and then at the International Student Office SASS.

Online application for non-EU citizens with residence abroad and foreign degree – Academic year 2022-2023

Application will be managed through the web portal from January, 15 (starting date to be confirmed) to May, 31 2022.

Applicants have to register to the website and follow the steps to fill in the required information and to upload the requested documents.

Refer to Unige SASS office for further info:

IMPORTANT: There is a maximum allowed number of registered non-EU students for each academic year, fixed by the Degree Programme Board, communicated to the University International Student Office (Settore Accoglienza Studenti Stranieri di Ateneo) and published on the Universitaly website.

For the academic year 2021-2022 this number is 50.

For the academic year 2022-2023 the number will be fixed by the Degree Programme Board.

IMPORTANT: Further information for students receving a “Conditionally accepted letter” after pre-application for academic year 2021-2022

  • Exam sessions for bridge career will be scheduled in the same period of the other exams, that is, between the first semester of lessons (September 20, 2021 – December 17, 2021) and the second semester, which will start on February 21, 2022. Stay update at the Bridge career page, about assistance in preparing Electric System bridge career exam and Applied Thermodynamics bridge career exam for a.y. 2021/2022. In the same website page you will also find reference textbooks.
  • Bridge career exams have to be passed before the admission test.
  • The Admission tests calendar for academic year 2021/2022 is now available at this link.
  • There will be a free English course organised by En2-University Languages Center (40 hours, starting on October 2021) and there will be English tests managed by the University. You may check information (now referred to the current academic year, 2020/2021. Dates for English tests in Autumn 2021 will be published on July 2021) at this link
  • It is suggested to proceed as soon as possible to register on Universitaly portal for pre-enrollment and application for study visa, due to the fact that visa process may require a long time.
  • For further assistance about pre-enrollment, please contact

IMPORTANT: Admission procedure for international students for academic year 2021-2022 (added on April, 26)

  • After the application on DreamApply and its evaluation, the student can be accepted, conditionally accepted or rejected.
  • Universitaly portal is open since April 16th this year 2021. Accepted and conditionally accepted students must apply on Universitaly. Their application will be validated by the International Students Office of Genoa University (Sass). According to the procedure issued by the Ministry of University, this validation will be automatically sent to the Italian Embassy of each student’s Country, replacing the official acceptance letter sent in previous years by the Universities and granting for the visa issuance. If an Embassy would request an acceptance letter (despite the national regulation), Sass will contact this Embassy to facilitate the visa request.
  • After registering on Universitaly, students will be given Unigepass credentials by Sass, to access online services and to apply for the eventual Aliseo scholarship, before arriving in Italy.

Admission Requirements

The official Unige web content on En2 Entry Requirements is available here: Manifesto degli Studi, “Requisiti di Accesso”

An Italian Laurea or a foreign Degree (B.Sc. or M.Sc.) belonging to the  Industrial Engineering sector  (e.g Aerospace, Chemical, Industrial, Electrical, Management, Mechanical, Naval, Nuclear Engineering) is requested for enrolling in En2.

According to the Italian regulation the Industrial Engineering Sector is classified as L-9 Class.

Student previous career must include at least 36 ECTS (“Base Courses”, e.g. Mathematics, Physics,  Chemistry, Informatics) and 45 ECTS (“Characterizing Courses”, e.g. Applied Mechanics, Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Automation, CAD, Chemical and Industrial Plants, Electric systems, Energy Plants, Fluid Dynamics, Material Technology, Measurement and Instrumentation, Structural Mechanics, Turbomachinery) that pertain to the Industrial Engineering class.

According to the above rules other degrees (than Industrial Engineering) will be evaluated  by University of Genova and En2 Council for verifying student eligibility to En2 enrolling.

Bridge Career (in case..)

Students whose previous career is missing some 6-12 ECTS in Base or Characterizing courses will be eventually asked for additional exams to be passed in the related courses (“Bridge Career“). Bridge Career exams to be sustained in the first semester of year I.

English B2 Level requirement

The student must also possess a knowledge of the English Language at least equivalent to the European (CEFR) B2 level.

The B2 level entry requirement is fulfilled by either

  1. presenting a suitable English B2 Certificate (not older than three years): (Namely and Only: Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL iBT, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate, The PeopleCert Group)
  2. attending the English Course organised by En2-University Languages Center (Check the Section Learning Platforms for the Language Courses organized by the MSc En2 Council), or
  3. Passing the B2 test organised by the University Languages Center (see here) and presenting the B2 Document delivered by the University Languages Center.

The student who applied for enrolling will receive an official comunication from Unige.

Admission Test

In case of positive response (and only after this first approval), the student is finally requested to pass an oral or written examination (Admission Test).

His/her curriculum and academic preparation will be evaluated according to the following subjects:

– Fluid Dynamics

– Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

– Energy Systems

– Electrical and Chemical Processes

The Admission Test Committee is composed by Professors: M. Ferrari, A. Nilberto, A. Priarone, G. Zamboni

Admission Test is not necessary for the student who took her/his B.Sc or M.Sc degree in Italy with a final mark higher than 99/110 (or equivalent).

The Calendar of Test dates is available in the ‎Students/Schedules Section

An Example of Admission Test (Closed Question List) is available here