Double Degree EMESB

The EMESB double degree Agreement

On December 2016 the University of Genoa (Unige)  and the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (Usmb),  have signed an Agreement aimed at activating a joint curriculum of studies named European Master in Engineering for Energy and Sustainable Buildings (EMESB), delivering a double MSc degree in Energy and Solar Buildings (ESB, at Usmb) and Laurea Magistrale in Energy Engineering (En2, at Unige).

The agreement has been renewed on March 2020.

A NEW Agreement is under revision due to changes in the USMB Educational offer. To date (16th feb 2022), the Emesb Degree Program is hence not operational (check this page for updates)

Students admitted to the EMESB  program will be enrolled and will attend classes in both Universities  and they finally will be able to get the double Title in Italy and France.

The Agreement is available here as a synthesis of the official document.

Aims and Study Programme

EMESB  is aimed at training MSc engineers to become specialists in the field of the energy conversion and management, from conventional resources to the renewable ones, with special focus on  Solar Energy.

For EMESB students mobility is compulsory and it is related to the first semester of their second year. Lectures will be held at the Savona Campus (En2, Unige) and at Locie, Polytech Annecy Chambery, site of Bourget du Lac (ESB, Usmb).

Students can download here the Study Programme where the EMESB courses are described.


Students can apply for EMESB enrolment if regularly registered to  En2-Unige  or ESB-Usmb.

Deadline for academic year 2021/2022 is NOT YET AVAILABLE

Up to 5 positions (per partner) are available each year for the Double Degree Program. The joint EMESB committee is in charge each year of activating all positions or some of them.

Requirements, document submission procedures, admission criteria are described in the Selection Criteria Annex .

The Application form and the required documents  for selection (including Self Certification related to Teaching Modules) have to be uploaded at this  Unige Aulaweb page (En2 students only).

French students: please refer to this Polytech web address


EMESB students are admitted to apply to the Erasmus Plus program related to the existing cooperation between Unige and Usmb (deadline to be defined, february 2021), check here for the Erasmus Admission Criteria).

(Vinci is No longer valid) Unige and Usmb have applied to the Vinci Program 2017: the proposal was accepted and further fellowships for EMESB students are available. Criteria for accessing the Vinci grants are published in this section.

Enrolling in the host University

EMESB students have to enroll in the host University.

The students from USMB can enrol from 20th july 2021 to 22nd september 2021. French Emesb student will have to contact and visit the Unige foreign student office (, for finalizing their enrollment. EMESB students are allowed to attend the Italian language courses that will start the 5th of september and 22nd of september (exact dates to be defined, contact sass for further info).

The students from UNIGE can refer to this web address for enrolling at USBM and eventually contact:

Accomodations at Unige, Savona Campus

EMESB french students can refer (in English or Italian) to Mrs. Caterina Marcantonio ( for information about accomodation availability at the Campus.

..and their 2017 local companions

French students from USMB

Students from Unige and Usmb at Bourget sur Lac, jan 2018