Learning Platforms, Language Courses

AulaWeb is the online e-learning portal provided by the University of Genova to its students. Classes typically use it as a teaching aid by distributing lessons material on the portal.

Students can register to online classes, download course material and use discussion forums.

Enter AulaWeb.

Teams is the online Microsoft 365 platform for On Line Lectures and On Line Exams. A short guide is available here

Mathworks Matlab

Unige Students can access  a free complete Matlab licence. They can download the software here and Register as Users in this page

Four free web courses on Matlab are also available at the web portal MATLAB Academy

English and Italian Language Courses

The Polytechnic School, in collaboration with the Language Skills Development Department (CLAT), offers 60-hour self-study B2 English courses to its students. See International-English Courses

In a.y. 2021/22 the University Languages Centre also organized a free Italian Course (On Line), starting in February 2022. Information will be given for similar event in academic year 2022/2023.