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En2 council is proud to announce to its foreign students that 3 fellowships are available for the Academic Year 2016/2017 Please refer to the present NEW CALL for additional information and application procededures

The new deadline for application is 15th September 2017.

Application Form is here

Call for the award of n° 3 scholarships for international students enrolled in the MSc course in Energy Engineering at the University of Genoa, Italy. Academic Year 2016-17 (Version july 2017)

ART. 1 – Subject. The University of Genoa (Unige) offers n° 3 scholarships to students who are enrolled for the first time in MSc course in Energy Engineering (En2) in the academic years 2016-17 and 2015-16 and whose nationality is from outside Italy. The amount of the scholarship is € 1000, gross of all charges for the beneficiary’s account. At least n.1 scholarship will be awarded to students belonging to one of the above first enrolling academic years.

ART. 2 – Admission requirements. Participation in the scholarship competition is limited to persons: • holding a bachelor degree awarded by a non-Italian higher education institution; • with citizenship outside of Italy; • first enrolled in the MSc course in Energy Engineering for the academic years 2016/17 or 2015/16. • to have acquired 36 ECTS credits within the deadline of the present Call for students first enrolled in a.a. 2016/17 and to the acquisition of 84 ECTS credits within the deadline of the present Call for students first enrolled in a.a. 2015/16

ART. 3 – Award criteria. For all candidates, the awarding of the scholarship is strictly related to the effective and complete enrolment to the study course. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a merit ranking. Merit ranking will be based on these criteria: • Average of the grades of exams from the present study career • Score of the admission tests for enrolling in En2 • Curriculum vitae.

ART. 4 – Presentation of applications and documents required. Candidates are invited to participate in the scholarship competition by filling the specific application form and by sending it (as pdf document) to the following email address: with Subject: “En2 Scholarship for foreign students, Application by NAME SURNAME

Applications must be submitted within 15thseptember 2017

ART. 5 – Acceptance. Winners will be notified of the award of the study grant by e-mail.

ART. 6 – Incompatibility. The scholarships are not cumulative with study grants issued under the Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus programs, study grants issued by ALFA (Regional Board for the right of Studies), study grants issued by the Italian Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry (MAECI) and previous Unige grants.

ART. 7 – Method of payment of the study grant and maintenance requirements. The study grant will be paid in a single installment. The payment of the scholarship is subjected to the effective admission and registration of the student in the study course, according to the provisions and deadlines of Unige and En2 regulations.