Industry Partners


The M.Sc course in Energy Engineering is willing to promote the collaboration with industry and engineering companies to ensure a real-world focus  to improve teaching, to raise the student professional profile, to meet the company requirements and expectations.

The Course is committed to developing strong links and invites  companies and organisations to join its Industry Partners Program.

Partners can support the Course in several ways, including:  educational Lab realization, providing student scholarships, promoting thesis prizes, donating engineering software licences, organizing educational and even recreational events for students.
Here is a template of Letter of Intent

Benefits for Partners are several: possibility to meet the best students, provide information about their job vacancies placed on En2 noticeboard, opportunity to organize industry/academic forums, being acknowledged on Course web site

The Program started on June 2016.

Some partners have already joined En2 and they are listed below. You can find out more about the companies by visiting their web sites.

Please contact the Course Coordinator for assessing the best way to support En2.

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