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Project “Algae & CO2-capture at Savona Campus”: experimental

EN3 students involved in the “Algae Project” started the experimental phase of their Feasibility Study for the development of a pilot facility to capture CO2 and produce biodiesel from algae at Savona-Campus. The experimental phase is devoted to investigate the effects of light at  different wave-length on the algae growth. They are using Spirulina (kindly […]

CO2 sequestration

CO2 sequestration. Some pilot plants and nothing more: the old absorption process with mono- or di-ethanol-ammine . But describing these systems is called “clean coal” or “zero emissions”.  Really what is the link between “CO2 sequestration” and “clean coal”?  Hence comes a question: not that the problem of global warming is used to divert attention […]

ZLD systems on Power Plants

Energy production by traditional fuels doesn’t necessary mean water consumption. Modern Combined-Cycle Power Plants equipped with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems allow a total recovery of the industrial discharge water except the physiological losses of the plant, complying with the most stringent environmental normative against water resources pollution. Integration may be done with rain water. […]

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