New Zealand maritime pollution

More than 350 t of heavy oil fuel was estimated to have leaked from the Rena ship, with authorities fearing that all 1.500 t on the vessel will be released if it breaks up and sinks.
This disaster reminds us the analogous environmental disaster occurred on April 1991 in Italy, a few miles from our Campus. On board the VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) Haven, anchored four miles from the petroleum port of Genoa, during the operations of load balancing a fire breaks out and lasts for three days. Dense columns of black smoke rise from the ship up to four hundred meters high, while tens of thousands of tons of oil spill into the sea from the hull torn by explosions. On 14 April the ship breaks up and sinks between Cogoleto and Varazze . The balance is about 140.000 t of hydrocarbons released into the sea.