Concordia disaster: guess the fuel and evaluate the risk

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Light Fuel Oil (LFO), Crude Oil (CRO), Diesel?  Some students of the EN3 M.Sc. tried to evaluate the risk due to the dispersion (water/air) of about 2400 tons of fuel contained in the Concordia Ship in case of release after the disaster.  They decided to use very simple dispersion equations … but… what kind of fuel is really contained in the tanks? Why do mass media report different versions? Why is it so hard to find official information?

So, how can we “guess” the fuel?  This is a simple, very simple task: the cheapest (accepted by legislation), and consequently, the most polluting one.

Just for a brief calculation: LFO has about  10 times sulfur than diesel… HFO has about 10 times sulfur than LFO.

Here you can download some info from Euclid Database of EU on HFO, LFO, FuelOil.