Anti-pollution exercise

University of Genoa will take part to the anti-pollution exercise RAMOGE-HAVEN 2011 aimed at simulating an environmental emergency caused by accidental pollution. The exercise requires the simulation of marine pollution due to an explosion in the bow of a tanker approaching the Multedo Genoa Harbour carrying 15000 t of oil. To study the movements of the release, instead of oil rice husks will be used.

The exercise will be held in October, 24 and aims to test the organization, coordination and readiness of response to the event.

To the impressive exercise ,in addition to the Coast Guard and other relevant authorities in France and Monaco, the Navy, the Prefecture, the Fire Brigade, the 118, all port operators, local authorities and the scientific ones will take part.

The purpose of the RAMOGE Agreement, which groups together France, the Principality of Monaco and Italy, is to make the area under its responsibility a pilot area as far as environmental preservation and marine pollution control are concerned.

Within the context of this regional cooperation, the RAMOGEPOL plan was set up in 1993 to combat large-scale offshore oil pollution, by combining the expertise and resources of the three Member States.