Technical visit of En2 students

The students of the first year of the Master degree course in Energy
Engineering, on the frame of the Chemical Processes and Technologies
teaching together with the teacher Prof. Guido Busca, visited the day
November 17th, 2021, the Coastal deposits of Marine Fuels belonging to the
Esso Italiana Company (ExxonMobil Group) in the Calata Canzio site in the
Port of Genoa. This deposit receives every day about 50 marine fuels trucks
from the Sarpom (ExxonMobil/IP) refinery of Trecate (Novara) and provides
about 40 % of the bunker services in the Genoa Port system, including the
terminals of Vado Ligure, Savona and Pra. The group also visited the quay,
which is equipped for the loading of two lighters and for the unloading of
tanker vessels up to 180 m.