English B2 Course, 2016

The En2 and En3 Council is happy to announce that the English Level B2 2016 course is going to start.

The Course is offered for free to En2, En3 and BSc Industrial students who enrolled at Student Office in Savona.

The Lectures will be held by Professor Gabriella Sonnewald from CLAT Unige in room MA216 (Marchi Building) on friday, 1.30-4.30PM starting from friday 26th of february, 2016.

The calendar is every friday except March 25 and April 22, till beginning of June.

Students who attended at least 75% of lessons will be eligible for the Attendance Certification delivery


Students are suggested  to follow the course working on the Reference  book: Compact First, Second Edition, (Peter May, Loescher) ISBN 978 1 107 60331 8.