Call for abstracts for EN3 M.Sc. and Ph.D Students

Biofuels FlightPath – Workshop on Upstream R&D and Innovation for Paraffinic Biofuels: Call for abstracts “Session on Lab-Direct: Innovation & Prospects”


This Workshop is organised by the European Commission and the Biofuels FlightPath Core Team* under the framework of the EU Biofuels FlightPath in Aviation ( The target of the Biofuels FlightPath is to reach a bio-kerosene contribution of 2 million tons per year by 2020.

The purpose of the Workshop is to discuss with key stakeholders the state of the art and recent advances by upstream research in new technology pathways and value chains for paraffinic biofuels.

The organisers have scheduled an 80 minutes session in which they invite PhD students to make presentations of their work. It is foreseen that 10 students will be given each 8 minutes (3 slides, maximum 5 minutes presentation followed by 1 or 2 questions). All presentations should address innovative technologies on converting biomass to paraffinic biofuels for use in the aviations sector. The session will be followed by a 20 minutes discussion and Q&A directed specifically to the 10 presentations.

Please note that this session is dedicated to PhD students and young researchers and no professor or senior researcher will be allowed to give a presentation.

PhD Students and young researchers wishing to participate in this session should send an one page abstract to:

by Friday 8 June 2012 close of business. The abstracts may address topics beyond “Microbial Conversion” and “Thermochemical conversion of sugars, alcohols and pyrolysis oils” which are the two main topics of the Workshop so long as they focus on paraffinic biofuels for aviation.


Dr Kyriakos Maniatis

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European Commission

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All interested students are requested to contact Prof. Ombretta Paladino for more information